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In the UK, real beer needs heroes. That's a shame: almost every other country is officially proud and supportive of its local booze. French wine, German lager, Czech pilsner, Australian almost anything, Irish whiskey: by law or by culture, the national thirst-quencher is protected and promoted. Why the UK fails to treat its beerage the way the French treat their viniculture is beyond me - and redressing the balance fully is beyond a small site such as this. However, here are a few of the heroes (some, sadly, with feet of clay in view of recent announcements) who we think deserve a pat on the back.

Young's Fuller's CAMRA
Once London's finest brewery since the reign of Elizabeth 1. West London's finest brewery since, er, not quite so long ago. Great beer, shame about the frogs. Drink more beer! 179,000 members can't be wrong...
Mick & Norma Claude Arkell Favourite Beers
Sterling Landlord and Landlady - a hard act to follow. A brewer who cherishes his brewery, beer and estate. If only they were all like this. Inspiration, refreshment and enjoyment.
And Another Thing    
So many good things about British Brewing, so little time...