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Sadly there isn't enough time to make this site exhaustive. And, in any case, brewing experience should not be static as there are always more heroic pubs, people and breweries to be found out and applauded. So, in apology to all the Brewing Heroes we like at the BBC and feel guilty about not devoting a whole section to, here are a few links and thank-yous to be going on with.

Adnam's Brewery
Logo of and link to Adnam's Brewery site
The Sole Bay Brewery in Southwold must be a great place to visit going by the quality of their ales we get down here.
Arkell's Brewery
logo of and link to Arkell's site
A traditional regional brewer in Swindon. Arkell's Kingsdown is a great beer to stumble across. And since Arkell's took over the original Slug and Lettuce (nothing to do with that bloody awful pubco), it's available right next to Windsor!
Logo of and link to Society of Independent Brewers
The Society of Independent Brewers - originally formed as the Small Independent Brewers' Association, hence the acronym. From the youngest 5 barrel brewery to the most senior regional, they all care about the craft of brewing.