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BBC History: Thanks To

[as included in the original 1982 Financial Proposal]

Sources of Information

This proposal could not have been compiled without a great deal of information, help and advice. Therefore, heartfelt thanks are due to the following (in no particular order).

  • P. J. Austin, owner of Ringwood Brewery and brewing consultant.
  • "What's Brewing", the newspaper of CAMRA.
  • Stephanie Harding, Production Manager and Development Director of Bruwel pub plant.
  • David Bruce, of Bruce's Breweries.
  • "Pint-sized Production: Small Firms in the Brewing Industry" by A. E. Bollard, published by the Intermediate Technology Development Group.
  • Mickles Brewery, Luton.
  • John Hickey, of Hickey and Co, brewery engineers.
  • "Small Beer", a guide for new small breweries, published by CAMRA.
  • Dave Rayner, of the "Lardicake", Andover.
  • The Bourne Valley Brewery.
  • Ringwood Brewery.
  • Alan J. Pugsley, of the Ringwood Brewery.
  • Young & Co's Brewery, Wandsworth.
  • Mick & Norma, Victoria Arms, Binfield and Fuller, Smith and Turner.
  • John Goodmand, and the Reading & Mid-Berks branch of CAMRA.
  • Nigel Robb, of IES Projects and Ademco-Sontrix, for engineering.
  • Kathy for the typewriter.

Most importantly, Ros for putting up with it all.

Should anyone have been missed out inadvertently, both apologies and thanks are due.