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Colnbrook is a partially picturesque village nestling between the M25 and the M4, 'neath Heathrow's sunny skies. At night, after the flights stop, it gets so quiet you can hear the motorways.But it does have a load of good points: there's a medieval palace, an ancient water meadow, a conservation area and it's where Cox's Orange Pippin was first grown.

Until the 1930's brought the Colnbrook Bypass, our High Street was the main road from London to Bath and Bristol. Which explains the large numbers of pubs and ex pubs along what used to be the mailcoach route. What it doesn't explain is why it is so difficult to get a decent pint in any of them. Most of them are picturesque and genuinely steeped in history which is great: such a shame that the quality of the beer doesn't match the quality of the image.

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Star & Garter Colnbrook

Sadly, this closed in 2015. The recent planning permission application to turn it into a Costa has been refused, I hear). Will no-one rescue this pub and run it as the little local jewel it should be? It's had years of neglect from the Wellington Pub Company apart from a brief period when Tony was put in to manage it..Good beer, the occasional festival, music weekends showed what it could be. But when Tony left, back to neglect, closure and offload to Costa.

Dates back to 15-something. The pub, that is, not Tony.

Ye Olde George Colnbrook

Apparently the owners went out of business in 2015 and Ye Olde George has just been leased by the manager. Perhaps it will be worth a revisit.

Kestrel Inns should be ashamed of what they did to this historic coaching inn. Prince Rupert and his troopers drank the place dry during the Civil War. So trying to refurb it as a wine bar with new pale wood panels and a shiny trendy floor was not exactly sympathetic or caring.

The Ostrich Colnbrook

England's third oldest inn, dating back to 1103. A year or so back, there was some happy news. The Ostrich is now a Shep's house, hooray.

WIth a rotating offering of Shepherd Neame's finest and a good menu, The Ostrich is much improved (well done) and long may it continue. That wine bar furniture's got to go through...

The Queen's Arms (aka The Crown) Colnbrook

Proudly announced new management early 2006, great hopes were raised - and rapidly dashed. Walked in, checked the pumps, only Greene King IPA on offer.

The barperson took one pull and out came clear water. She looked at what she had done and then filled the glass! Why? Good grief.

And then, without a word being spoken - no "sorry" or explanation or alternative - she just sadly shook her head. I walked out and would recommend you do too. Why do they bother?